Henry Boot remains in a good position following a challenging first half to 2020. While COVID-19 continues to impact the Group, we have seen an increase in activity and output throughout all our operations and the Group has continued to make strategic progress. We have now resumed activity on all our sites and depot sale centres are open. On the back of a robust 2019, we have strong liquidity with a net cash position of £42.3m as at 30 June, allowing us to focus on the long-term opportunities that have proved to be so successful for the Group for many years.

While cash management will be a priority, we now feel that the Group can continue to look to reinvest in the development pipeline and seek to grow the business. These remain unprecedented times, and we will remain committed to the welfare of our people as we serve all our stakeholders. We do not underestimate the trading challenges we will face in the short term, but Henry Boot remains in a strong position to deliver for the long term.

For further information please view our 2020 interim results